Fiesta Tubes

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Our unique Fiesta Tube has become a best seller, offering something different to conventional bubbles tubes, and in many cases, much more maintenance-free (no water changes to deal with!)

This makes it an ideal product for hospitals, where minimal maintenance and maximum hygiene is required.



It’s lovingly handmade in our factory in the UK, with approx 2,000 points of light. The tube is 1.5m in height, and is available with a variety of different bases- from the new (and huge!) donut cushions, to a mobile base with lockable casters. The lightsource can be housed inside the base, and offers slow colour change, with new and improved double colour change! A very relaxing effect for a sensory room- and the fibres can be viewed from any angle, as its arranged like a triangle inside.

Coloured tops are available for the square base at an additional £35.00. The fiesta tube can also be made to fit inside custom made seating areas, please enquire for details.

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Fiesta Tube with Square Base, Fiesta Tube with Square Mobile Base, Fiesta Tube with Donut Cushion


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