Jellyfish Fountains

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The Jellyfish Fountain incorporated dozens of sparkling fibre optic strands, sprawling out of clear plastic tubing mimicking the effect of jellyfish tails!



The Jellyfish Fountain has dozens of sparkling, colour changing fibre optic strands sprawling out of a clear tube mimicking the effect of jellyfish tails! A calming sensory product, that is visually appealing and tactile in nature. Get up close and feel the fibre strands, watching them sparkle and change colour.

You can choose either a Sparkle Fibre Jellyfish Fountain or a Rainbow Fibre Jellyfish Fountain, both options available with a mobile base.

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Jellyfish Fountain with Sparkle Fibre & Square Base, With Sparkle Fibre & Square Mobile Base, Jellyfish Fountain with Rainbow Fibre & Square Base, With Rainbow Fibre & Square Mobile Base


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