Fibre Optic Cascades, Showers & Curtains

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A selection of dangling fibre optics to make a great effect in any room!



Fibre optic cascades, showers and curtains use safe polymer fibre in both sparkle and UV versions. We often use the fibre optic curtain version behind beds or along walls and the fibre optic shower and cascade would both make lovely creative lighting for sensory rooms adding an element of sparkle and colour.

  • Fibre Optic Cascade – 1.5m of hanging sparkle fibre housed in an attractive brushed stainless steel box that can be fitted flush to the ceiling.
  • Fibre Optic Curtain – 1m wide horizontal strip enclosing hanging sparkling fibre optics, ideal for mounting onto a wall or behind a bed.
  • UV Fibre Optic Curtain, Sparkle ‘n’ Glow Ultraviolet¬†Fibre – 1m long horizontal strip enclosing hanging sparkle n glow UV fibre optics, ideal for mounting onto a wall or behind a bed. Powered by a halogen lightsource, for the ‘sparkle’ effect and a UV spotlight for the ‘glow’ effect.
  • Fibre Optic Shower – 1.8m long fibres, arranged in a large square formation. Stand in the middle and you’ll be showered with light! Look up to see yourself in the 60 x 60cm mirrored top.

Custom cascades, showers and curtains can be quoted for, please let us know the drop required and the number of strands.

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Cascades, Showers & Curtains

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