Sensory Dens

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A selection of dens and cube dens.

Dark dens are ideal for creating environments where sensory equipment and toys can be used without the need for a dedicated sensory room. They are also ideal for use at home or in a multi-use room, to explore UV lights, glow in the dark items, fibre optics and projectors.



  • Sensory Dark Den – This affordable den has a thick layered cover to create a dark environment ideal for exploring sensory environments with UV equipment, projectors, glowing toys, torches and fibre optics. W 100 x L 100 x H 100cm.
  • Large Dark Den – With this den, you can fit a group of children or accommodate those who need a little more space. Easy to assemble and pack away into storage bag. Giant version of the dark den – H 182 x W 150 x L 150cm.
  • Creative Den – New! A blank canvas to inspire creative minds – splash with colour both inside and out, or teachers can theme for particular events or learning topics. Add comfy cushions so users can sit or lie to draw. Explore your art work with a UV torch! Includes colourful chalk to get started straight away! W 79 x D 76 x H 81cm.
  • 1.2m black and white sensory den cube den – New! Sensory Cube Dens: A black and white den in one. Great for both working with UV lights in the black den, and calming projector effects in the white den. Add resources to turn the den into a shop for role play – hang items from the roof, or add a 9 bubbles mirror. Easy connects together and can be packed away for storage. Cables can be fed through the screens enabling you to easily use mains equipment, such as projectors of fibre strands. Flap for door, to create total darkness. Comes with floor mat.
  • Extension cube with mat – Available to turn a 1.2 x 1.2m den into a 1.2 x 2.4m long den.
  • 1.8m tall black and white sensory cube den – You can now purchase 1.8m tall dens! 1.2 x 1.8m den with mat ideal for wheelchair users or teenagers that would benefit from a comfortable safe space.
  • Extension cube with mat – Available to turn a tall 1.2 x 1.8m den into a whopping 2.4m long x 1.8m tall.

Please note: some lead times on dens are 4-6 weeks, please call to check stock and availability.

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Sensory Dark Den, Large Dark Den, Creative Den, 1.2m Black and White Sensory Cube Den, Extension Cube with Mat for 1.2m Cube Den, 1.8m Tall Black and White Sensory Cube Den, Extension Cube with Mat for 1.8m Cube Den


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