Emotion Cushions

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Soft, colouful cushions, each with a facial expression and text on the back. Can be used as individual cushions to sit on.



  • Emotion Cushions Pack 1 (6 pcs) – Includes: Happy, Sleepy, Sad, Amazed, Shy, Worried. 35cm diameter x 6cm depth.
  • Emotion Cushions Pack 2 (6 pcs) – Includes: Sick, Hungry, Scared, Naughty, bored, Angry. 35cm diameter x 6cm depth.
  • Emotions Cushions Both Packs (12 pcs) With Donut Cushion Trolley – Cushions: 35cm diameter x 5cm depth. Trolley: 70L x 36D x 43H cm.

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Emotion Cushions Pack 1 (6pcs), Emotion Cushions Pack 2 (6pcs), Emotion Cushions Both Packs (12pcs) with Donut Cushion Trolley


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