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Bubble Tube Base Mat’s

£299.00£499.00 ex VAT

Comfortable and Colourful Cushioned Base Mat’s for Bubble Tubes turn them into a feature product for your room.

NEW & IMPROVED- now comes reversible- with pink on one side, and blue on the other.


Bubble tubes look great when used with a base mat.

This allows children to get up close to the tube in a comfortable environment and also allows adults to sit on the base mat as we ensure the use of high density foam- that will not ‘crush’ when you sit on it.

The base mat’s are double sided- pink and blue, with white edging so you can flip it over for a colour change.

Various shapes are available- to suit corners, or the smaller spaces. We also have mobile plinths available- ideal for care homes- enabling you to move the tube from one location to the next- please see listing for ‘high level bases.’

You can also combine two different bubble tubes in one with a twin base mat- two cut out’s provided so you can have a interactive ball and bead and a touch tube or any other combination.

All base mat’s have a cut out designed to fit the plastic base of our bubble tube only.

  • The Square Base Mat measures 100 x 100cm
  • The Corner Base Mat measures 120 x 120cm
  • The Twin Base Mat measures 120 x 100cm

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Square Base Mat, Corner Base Mat, Twin Base Mat


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