UV Fibre Optic Carpet

£985.00 ex VAT

Exclusively made by Total Sensory. This carpet has the effect of colour changing fibre optics as well as glowing under UV light creating colourful sparkle patterns.


The polymer fibres are invisible to the naked eye until the lightsource is activated to reveal hundreds of sparkling points of light. Our carpets are handmade in our factory in Doncaster, the fibres are sewn by hand into random patterns on the UV deep black soft carpet. The carpet is tapered around the edges to create a lovely finish. The UV fibre optic carpet is safe to walk on and to touch the fibres; they contain no heat or electricity. They won’t break under impact as we use polymer, not glass fibres. The carpet can be washed and vacuumed as normal carpet.

Measures 1.8 x 1m


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