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Tactile Traffic Light Panels

£299.00£850.00 ex VAT

Each panel features three tactile discs mounted onto brightly coloured plastic boards that have been curved on the corners to prevent sharp edges. Choose a set of 3 panels or 1 on it’s own!


The synthetic rubber tactile effects vary, from smooth to rough surfaces, raised lines, rings, squiggles, squares, or triangles. The discs measure 27cm diameter. Easily mounted to the wall, can be either horizontal or vertical.

Ideal product to add a fixed tactile element to sensory rooms or to make corridors more colourful and interesting- perhaps leading to the sensory room.

Size: 100 x 45cm each.

Colour’s and discs vary.

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1 Tactile Traffic Light Panel, Set of 3 Tactile Traffic Light Panels


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