Set of 6 Liquid Floor Tiles

£299.99 ex VAT

Set of 6 liquid floor tiles will enhance tactile stimulation with the gel swirling around the users hands or feet.


Encourage learning through play with these colourful liquid floor tiles. Children will love to move the gel, with hands or feet, and create flowing colours that swirl around. Includes 6 mats in orange, blue, pink, purple, green and red. With a 3.5mm thick protective layer, these panels are:

  • Scratch and abrasion resistant and each mat can be loaded up to 90KG.
  • Made of high-tech, high quality materials, as they are used in aviation, and are filled with cosmetic liquid that is absolutely non-toxic.
  • Leak-proof and feature a non-slip underside.

Each tile is 50 x 50cm.


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