Rainbow Rhythm Sound Pads

£1,675.00 ex VAT

New! Set of 8 Rainbow Rhythm Sensory Sound Bumpers create a colourful and interactive product for use in a corridor, waiting area or sensory room. Multi-functional in many ways- as a safe padded wall, as an interactive musical wall and as a brightly coloured visual display.


Do you require wall padding for safety but want an element of interaction, rather than just a padded room? Why not include some of our musical wall pads along with normal padding to provide a safe room that has a tamper proof, fun, musical element!

Our sound bumpers come in a set of 8- as pictured. Smaller sets are available. A set of 8 requires 320cm wall space. You could split them up around the room for some more interest!

They are each 40cm wide by 1.2m height, each with a black circle marking the place to press to emit musical notes C D E F G A B

No need for batteries or electrical sockets- the sounds are emitted via a musical reed, so will not wear out or need any sort of power.

Packs come in multi- coloured wipe clean vinyl, with 50mm high density foam inside. If required, the vinyl can be any colour you choose from our swatches, for example you could have blue, white, blue, white etc or all one colour.

If you require padding around your room, these rainbow sound pads will create an interesting interactive feature that will blend in well with continuous wall padding at the same height. Also ideal as a stand alone product- perhaps beside a bed, or in a school corridor or sensory room.

Simply to fit; each pad comes board backed so that it’s less likely to sag over time, and the tab tops also enable you to permanently fix the pads back to your wall- simply drill holes into the top and bottom of each pad and secure back to your wall using the appropriate fixings. Covers for the screws are provided so that they become tamper proof.


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