Sensory Cosmos Panels


Awe inspiring new sensory ceiling panel’s- unique to Total Sensory, manufactured in the UK by us. These exclusive panels are ideal for hospitals and sensory rooms, creating lovely effects to look up at when treatment is being done, or for those who are bed-ridden or often have a view of the ceiling.

Each panel measures 1.2m x 1.2m and comes with a choice of effect in the middle.



New panels exclusive to Total Sensory, handmade in the UK by us.

Each panel measures 1.2m x 1.2m and comes with a choice of effect in the middle. The edges of the panel are filled with starry twinkling fibre optics.

Do you want a sensory effect on your ceiling other than projectors? Don’t have a false ceiling? These panels are an ideal product to create a beautiful lighting display in a bedroom, hospital, wet area – bathroom or hydrotherapy room, waiting area, above a dentist’s chair, or in a sensory room to give service users an unusual ceiling effect to view while resting on a waterbed or bean bag.

Comes with two lightsources- one twinkles for the white lights all over the panel and the other is for the central effect: your choice from:

  • Cosmos Fiesta: A panel of colour changing dandelions, handmade from fibre optics in various shapes and sizes.
  • Cosmos Aurora: A mirrored panel with hanging fibre optics
  • Cosmos Nebula: A 3D Dome shape, filled with colour changing fibre optics
  • Cosmos Infinity: A panel with the clever use of mirrors and fibres, making it look like the fibres go on for infinity

Pricing is for supply only. To install you will require a false ceiling: one that is made up of 60 x 60cm ceiling tiles that can be removed. You simply choose a panel to remove, and place our panel in. You will require an electrical socket to plug the panel into.

Overall Panel measures: 1.2 x 1.2m

The central effect panel measures 60 x 60cm, and all panels are surrounded by starry ceiling fibre optic lights.

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Cosmos Fiesta, Cosmos Eclipse, Cosmos Aurora, Cosmos Nebula, Cosmos Infinity


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