My Space 3

£4,999.00 ex VAT

Our most popular package – incorporates all items for auditory, visual, tactile and calming. Everything you need to kit out a sensory room. Suits most spaces and can be easily self-installed.


Sensory Room Package One Includes:

  • SS-751
    Sparkle Sensory Harness, 75 strands each 1m long with lightsource
  • IP-SO1
    Slimline Infinity Panel, multi-colour changing LED’s, giving the effect the lights go on to infinity!
  • APO-LW
    Aura Projector with one wheel of your choice, choose from: Liquid, Seasoned Woods, Deep, Tropical Fish, Cloud, Galaxy, Space Ritual Wheel.
  • BT-04
    Interactive 1.5m tall Bubble Tube, 150mm diameter, with wireless switch box
    Square Low Level Cushioned Base, 100 x 100cm
  • BT-WB
    Wall Bracket for bubble tube
  • BT-CK
    Care package for bubble tube including Anti Bacterial BCB fluid and a water siphon to aid cleaning
  • SC-1
    Twinkle Fibre Carpet, 1 x 1m square, 1m tail to lightsource.
  • IRL-01
    Interactive Rainbow Lights- Highly sensitive to sound, the lights respond to speech, clapping, and music.
  • FOC-02
    Fibre Optic Curtain, colour changing sparkle fibre curtain 1m in length ideal for mounting onto a wall or behind a bed


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