My Space 2

£4,999.00 ex VAT

New and improved room package! Incorporates all items for auditory, visual and tactile. Ideal for when you need cause and effect and gives the user a bit more fun.



  • PJ-LED01 – LED Projector Package, 6″ plastic wheel of your choice
  • BT-04 – 1.5m Interactive bubble tube wireless switch box, 150mm diameter
  • MS-BT – Modular base for Bubble Tube, 60 x 60 x 40cm
  • BT-WB – Wall Bracket for bubble tube
  • BT-CK – Care package for bubble tube including anti bacterial BCB fluid and a water siphon to aid cleaning
  • IRL-01 – Interactive Rainbow Lights- Highly sensitive to sound, the lights respond to speech, clapping, and music. Comes with a microphone for control of the lights movement- simply breathing into this creates a reaction from the lights.
  • IC-1 – Interactive Twinkle Fibre Carpet, 2 x 1m square, 1m tail to lightsource, activates under pressure- use your hands, feet or body to make fibres sparkle
  • SMF-MF – Musical Footnotes, set of 8 circular pads, with reeds representing musical notes. Can be stored away and used as required


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