My Space 1

£3,995.00 ex VAT

Following on from the success of the original package, this option incorporates the most popular, 1.75m high, interactive bubble tube with wireless switch box, all accessories for care and safety, as well as a 120cm corner cushioned base. The package also includes a fibre optic cascade, musical footnotes, a bundle projector pack and many more…


  • BT-05 Interactive 1.75m Bubble Tube with switch box
    150mm in diameter, colour changing, with wireless switch box for colour selection.
  • BT-LLCP-B Corner Low Level Cushioned Base
    120 x 120cm, reversible, blue on one side, fuchsia on the other. Looks great with 2 x 120 x 175cm acrylic mirrors, which can be added on if required
  • BT-WB Wall Bracket for bubble tube
    Extendable wall bracket for safe mounting of tube back to your wall
  • BT-CK Care Package for bubble tube
    Includes Anti-bacterial fluid and a water siphon to aid cleaning
  • Fibre Optic Cascade
    1.5m of hanging sparkle fibre housed in an attractive brushed stainless steel box that can be fitted flush to the ceiling
  • SMF-MF Musical Footnotes
    Set of 8 circular pads, with reeds representing musical notes. Can be stored away and used as required
  • RC-1 2 x 1m Fibre Optic Carpet
    Black rug, embedded with twinkling fibre optics, safe to the touch, carpet can be cleaned and vacuumed as normal.
  • PJ-MLED01 Bundle Projector Pack
    Includes LED projector, wheel rotator and 2 x wheels-Deep Wheel and Tropical Fish Wheel.  Wheels can be swapped for others in our vast range, please contact us for choices, or see here:
  • TD-01 Tactile Discs
    5 Large & 5 small, Explore your senses with these tactile discs

Please see below for links to each of the products included in this package. If you want to omit something, add items or swap an item for another, please contact us, we are happy to do this.


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