Bubble Panels

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Compact yet visually stunning, the Bubble Panel is ideal for sensory rooms where space is limited.



Perfect for visual and auditory stimulation, due to the bright, calm colours and enhanced ‘bubbling’ sound. They require much less water than the conventional cylinder bubble tubes and they create bubbles with interesting shapes and detail due to the confined space in which the water is kept.

Available in 1m and 1.5m height, the width is 36cm. The Bubble Panel comes with 2 wall brackets to enable an easy install.

Interactive Bubble Panels come with a wireless switch box. A set of 5 pressure activated carpet switches can be purchased separately, adding a new and exclusive element of switching!

Ideal for those who are unable to focus on smaller switches, the carpet switches are ideal – jump from one to another, sit on them or press with your hands to change the panel to the corresponding colour.

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Bubble Panel

1m Passive Bubble Panel, 1.5m Passive Bubble Panel, 1m Interactive Bubble Panel with Wireless Switch Box, 1.5m Interactive Bubble Panel with Wireless Switch Box


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