Aura Projector

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The Aura projector is designed for use at home, creating an at home sensory environment, or for smaller sensory rooms in schools or centres.

“We placed the Aura above Isabella’s crib and she is mesmerised by the effect from the Aura projector. I would definitely recommend the Aura to new mum’s to help soothe their babies.” Mary, mother to Isabella, Age 7



Aura is a new, afforable projector, designed for use at home or in smaller sensory environments. Each purchase comes with a 6″ wheel of your choice!

It has wi-fi connectivity- where you can download an app that will allow you to set a timer or increase/decrease brightness.

As it is a new design projector, it has a magnetic wheel rotator- so if you are familiar with the standard projectors, this is much easier, the wheel simply attaches to the magnet and away you go!

What’s more, it can be used with any wheel you have already got, if this is not a magnetic wheel, you can still use it with this projector. It’s LED, so no more changing of bulbs! Also comes with a wall mount, that is fully adjustable, so you can direct it where you wish.

Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 20cm

Weight: 889g

Additional information

Aura Projector with:

Liquid Wheel, Seasoned Woods, Deep Wheel, Tropical Fish Wheel, Cloud Wheel, Galaxy Wheel, Space Ritual Wheel


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