Magnetic Sensory LED Projector

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The New Magnetic Sensory LED Projector offers interaction with your disc projector, as well as ease of use with the development of magnetic wheels instead of the standard push on variety.



New Sensory LED Projector kits come with everything you need to set you up with a projected effect on your ceiling or wall.

These projectors now come with ports at the back to allow the use of switches! We have included an optional extra- a switch pack- which you can add with your order, or purchase at a later date. Another benefit to the Sensory LED Projector, is the advancement of magnetic rotator’s and wheels- no more push in wheels- you simply offer up the wheel to the projector and the magnet will set it in place. The older rotator’s without magnets will also still work with this projector- so any prior wheel purchases are not made redundant!

Our LED Projectors are quieter, and run cooler with a brighter projected light compared to the old bulb type projectors. LED projectors are also more energy saving, with over 300x’s longer life than lamp projectors.

The starter kit includes:

  • LED Projector
  • 6″ Magnetic Wheel of your choice
  • Wheel Rotator (1/2rpm)
You can easily add more wheels over time, changing the theme of the room in minutes.

Wheel Choices are listed on the link at the bottom of the page.

All packs include everything you need to run the projector- the rotator that wheels fit into, and a pack of 3 magnetic wheels.

Please see below for the wheel packs. If you wish to swap a wheel for a different one- no problem! Just give us a call and we can mix n match the wheels you would like from our selection.

This projector qualifies for VAT exemption for those who can apply- we will require our VAT form to be filled in and sent back. Please purchase all VAT free items direct with our sales team on 01702 542231 as the website will automatically add the VAT at checkout.

  • Pack 1- Under the Sea Pack
    Deep Wheel
    Tropical Fish Wheel
    Whales Wheel
  • Pack 2- Children’s pack
  • Pack 3- Reminiscence pack
    Musical Stars- 30s-50s
    1940s Film Stars
    1940s-1960s Wheel
  • Pack 4- Abstract Pack
  • Pack 5- Celebration pack
    Snow crystals
  • Pack 6- Educational Topics Pack
    At the Farm
    At the Zoo
  • Pack 7- Animals Pack
    At the Farm
    Tropical Birds
    At the Zoo

Additional information

Projector Packs

Starter LED Projector Pack, Add a Switch Pack, Pack 1 – Under the Sea Pack, Pack 2 – Children's Pack, Pack 3 – Reminiscence Pack, Pack 4 – Abstract Pack, Pack 5 – Celebration Pack, Pack 6 – Educational Topics Pack, Pack 7 – Animals Pack


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