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A range of UV, fluorescent, tactile products.

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Sparkle'n'Glow UV Fibre Optic Harness 100 strands, 1m length
UV Line Lite Mirrored Wall Panel 60 x 60cm
UV Dice
UV Mat 1.2 x 1.2m
Fluorescent Roly Poly
Fluorescent Roller Shaker
UV Fabric
Glow in the Dark Gloves
UV Draw 'n' Glow Kit
UV Torch
UV Fluorescent Carpet

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Sparkle'n'Glow Fibre Optic Harness - Multi Coloured strands of fibre that sparkle when lit with the 50W lightsource and glow when lit with a UV light. Various lengths available. 100 strands in 1m lengths including lightsource. Please see seperate page for other lengths.

UV Line Lite Mirrored Wall Panel 60 x 60cm - Highly tactile, this mirrored wall panel is threaded with line lite tubing which glows with bright fluorescent colours when illuminated under UV light.

UV Dice - Soft play dice made with fluorescent orange and yellow vinyl. Measures L30 x W30 x H30cm

UV Mat 1.2 x 1.2m - With two fluorescent colours on either side - orange and yellow. This mat is 5cm thick and is ideal for placing into dens or for a UV corner.

Fluorescent Roly Poly - One of the most popular UV prodcuts, the roly poly glows furiously under UV light and has beads inside to give a sound reward. 24cm lenght x 14cm diameter.

Fluorescent Roller Shaker - Shake the fluorescent beads and watch them glow under UV light. 24cm length.

UV Fabric - 1m long x 1.35cm wide.

Glow in the dark gloves.

UV Draw 'n' Glow Kit - New cushioned pad with a 'magic' UV pen that will provide hours of fun in the dark. Draw or write on the UV pad and watch it glow and then fade to allow you to use over and over again. Stencil set included.

UV Torch.

UV Fluorescent Carpet - Glows under fluorescent lighting creating colourful patterns. An interesting focal point for UV areas.

UV Spotlight - 168 UV LEDs with moveable mounting bracket for creating the perfect black light effect.

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UV Products

UV Products

A range of UV, fluorescent, tactile products.

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