Welcome to Total Sensory's new immersive interactive sensory room's! 

Immersive Sensory Room's create a realisitc escape and 'immerse' you into an interactive world within your 4 walls. Using advanced gesture controlled projection systems, you can explore many different environments with the touch of a hand, or foot! Our magical interactive projection system can be placed either on the floor or onto a wall. You can have both if you prefer! The system will pick up on your movements and respond, from the fastest, roughest movements to the slowest, purposeful movements. 

Make water ripple with your hands or feet, and watch the fish swim away from you; slowly make ice crack under your weight, hear the sounds and feel as if you are really breaking the ice beneath you! These are just a few of the pre- set applications that our interactive system comes with. There are 25 in total, all ready to go, no need to programme or have extenstive training on complicated computer systems to get something up and running! Any teacher, carer, parent, can turn onand leave the system to run through each application for a pre-set time before moving onto the next. 

Suitable for:

  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Charities
  • Respite Centres
  • NHS 
  • Care Homes
  • A room at home

The 25 Pre Set Programmes are: 

  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Emotion Squares
  3. Learn Colours
  4. Play the Piano
  5. Rippling Fish Pool
  6. Football
  7. Spaceship
  8. Fantastic Fireworks
  9. Cracking Ice
  10. Footprints in the Sand
  11. Trip down Memory Lane
  12. Apollo's Trip to the Moon
  13. Game Centre 
  14. Paint Pots
  15. Patch a Water Pipe
  16. Disco Dance Floor
  17. Autumn Leaves
  18. Christmas
  19. Halloween
  20. Flowers
  21. Clouds
  22. Maths Bubbles
  23. Forest Symphony
  24. Bear River
  25. Fish & Turtles Pool
The immersive projection system can be used on a wall, the floor or on all 3 walls- programmed to display the same application and the same time. For further details and pictures on the Immersive Projection System please click here.

The Magical Interactive Projection system can be used alone, with little else in the room (supply only cost of £7495.00 exc vat/del); or you can have more than one projection system to flood your walls with interactive technology; or you can have the projection system along with a traditional items such as switch activated bubble tubes, interactive colour wash, fibre optics, seating, padding etc. We are happy to come out and visit your room, discuss ideas and provide a quotation along with a 2D drawing, please contact us on 01702 542231, or email to book an appointment.

Looking for sensory for older people? An example of A Trip Down Memory Lane Application as part of the interactive projection system- with this programme you can change the images to any others!- ideal for lessons on dinosaurs, planets, or simply adding users photos of their family and friends. Each photo breaks into small fragments and comes up with the next. Music can also be changed to anything you prefer from your itune list. 

We can create projection systems to suit your application- from 18m Zoo Walk's as below...please enquire for pricing.