Floor & Wall Padding

We provide soft coverings for all applications- padded rooms, safety padding behind a bed at home or in a residential location, to a full padded room with custom made padded seating areas.

The foam we utilise is of a high grade and denisty- so its durability over time is much improved compared to some thin, soft foams you can get that do not retain their shape and depth. The vinyl is wipe clean and comes in a variety of colour choices, all professionally sewn to create a neat finish.

There are two types of wall coverings we can provide:

  1. Fixed Connection - this type comes with a tab top and bottom (a lip, if you like), that has holes for your own connections. This type is suitable for any application where the users may attempt to remove the padding. Screws and raw plugs are not provided as this depends on your own type of wall i.e plaster or hard bricked etc. We do provide plastic domes with every fixed conection wall pad. These come  in white, dark blue, black or yellow. These domes fit over the screws so the screws cannot be tampered with.
  2. Velcro Connection - this type doesn't not have a tab top, instead we provide velcro and plastic strips for you to secure to your wall and line this up with the velcro provided at the back of the wall pads. We can provide the pads soft backed, or with a thin board backing. Velcro connection is ideal for those who would like to remove pads in the future, or would like the option of easily replacing individual pads.


Floor padding is provided with velcro strips.

The thickness of our floor or wall padding is 50mm or 100mm.

We can provide supply only, or we can quote for fitting.

Procedure for a full padded room:

If you are looking to fit out a complete padded room, we will require you to complete our padding requirements form below, and send back to us at info@totalsensory.co.uk We can then provide a budgetary price for your requirements and if this meets with your approval, we will proceed to the next stage where we take a  deposit and arrange for a site visit to confirm all measurements and any obstructions. We can send out swatches for colour selection and once we have your choices, production can then commence, and we can arrange a fitting date. Please note, delivery timescales are dependent on the overall size and structure of your room, as a guideline we averagely allow 4-6 weeks from production to completion.

Padding Requirements Form: http://totalsensory.co.uk/shop/Padding Requirements.doc  

-The below swatches are available to send through the post for colour selection-

Colour Swatches 

Some examples of our work include: 

Padding & sensory room at the University of Bristol: 

Wall Pads installed in Birmingham Hospital: 

Padding in South Thames College:

Wall padding with seating area installed by us: 

Full padded room with waterbed installed by us: 

Padding around a bed within a sensory room designed by us: 

Padded seating area in a sensory room: