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Tactile Sensory Tree

£125.00£185.00 ex VAT

Create a garden theme with the tactile sensory tree and magnetic packs! The tree is a freestanding unit with a ball track (entry and exit point) and also a cotton pocket for sensory play. Up to 7 sensory elements at any one time can be magnetically attached to the tree.

Explore sensory play with a range of different magnetic packs.



The tree measures 1335mm in height, 350mm in width and 875mm in depth. Tree comes stand alone, magnetic packs available to purchase separately.

The tree itself is a product for sensory play! It’s a freestanding unit, with a ball track and a cotton pocket for sensory exploration. Sensory magnetic packs can be attached to the tree that come with their own tactile elements (artificial grass, furry fabric, PVC, wooden texture and rough fabric) and also allow exploration of new shapes.

The case at the back of the tree is made of laminated chipboard with a ball track inside, entry is on the one side of the case and exit is on the other side.

Suitable for children aged 3+

Grass Pack:

2 x small grass, 130 x 220mm

2 x big grass, 110 x 330mm

Flowers Pack: 

1 x sunflower with diamond shaped milling in hard wood, 295 x 220mm

1 x tulip with smooth PVC, 180 x 165mm

1 x flower with fluffy fabric, 140 x 135mm

1 x flower with pattern and fluffy fabric, 140 x 135mm

1 x blueberry with wood texture, 155 x 135mm

Animals Pack 1:

1 x cockerel with long feathers, 295 x 285mm

1 x sheep with rough fur fabric, 355 x 310mm

1 x rabbit with short fur fabric, 325 x 315mm

1 x snail with spiral milling in hard wood, 160 x 210mm

Animals Pack 2:

1 x bird with long feathers, 160 x 175mm

1 x squirrel with fluffy fabric, 245 x 245mm

1 x mushroom with smooth PVC, 225 x 195mm

1 x bird feeder featuring cut out hole, 355 x 310mm

Animals Pack 3:

1 x hedgehog with rough rug fabric, 230 x 360mm

1 x cat with short fur fabric, 265 x 295mm

1 x hen with long feathers, 220 x 210mm

Additional information

Tactile Tree and Magnetic Items

Tactile Tree, Grass Pack, Flowers Pack, Animals Pack 1, Animals Pack 2, Animals Pack 3


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