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Sound and Light Panel
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Sound and Light Panel

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This is a sound-reactive panel intended for use by people with visual impairments or limited mobility, and it can also be used as a game element. The panel can be used in therapy, it encourages vocalization, increases visual attention and helps to understand the causal relationship. 30 light display cells are activated in response to the volume of sound or music depending on the selected mode.


Music can be recorded independently with a memory card, the volume of music playback is additionally adjusted.  The panel uses only LED lighting, which does not generate additional heat and does not require changing lamps. It can be used by people of all ages.

Features: Colour

Size:106x62x12cm 106x62x12cm

Colour: Various

PowerSource:from the alternating current network.

Usage: All Ages

Material: Extruded acrylic, Laminated chipboard, PVC, Metal Fasteners.

Weight: Net – 18 .0; Gross – 2 0.0.

Complete set: panel – 1 pc; microphone – 1 pc., memory card (installed in the connector) – 1 pc ., fasteners (dowel 6×80) – 2 pcs.


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