Sensory Case for the Elderly

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Sensory Case for the Elderly contains various type of sensory equipment suitable for the elderly, those suffering from dementia and those who fidget and require some sensory stimulation at home, or within a caring facility.


Our mobile sensory trolley for the elderly contains the following sensory equipment:

  • SS-752- Colour Changing Sparkling Fibre Optics, 75 strands, with extra long 2m length!
  • Small Fibre optic carpet- soft to the touch, made with lots of colour changing fibres.
  • Twin Port Lightsource- saving on space, we include our twin port lightsource, this enables two products to be connected to the one lightsource (with no reduction in light output or quality), at the same time!- use the fibres and carpet above to connect to this lightsource
  • Sensory Musical Gloves- wear the gloves while playing music!, every finger tip emits a musical note when you apply some pressure- hold someones hand or press down on any surface with each finger. Battery powered.
  • Pick the fruits sensory smell game – a fun smelling game with 8 fruit fragrances and 8 fruit picture cards to guess the fruit.
  • Mini Sensory Tube- mini volcano or mini jellyfish tube. Simply fill with water and watch the jellyfish float or volcano explode.
  • Navy Blue Tactile Tabard – various tactile textures and items to explore including ribbons, crushed velvet, belts, mesh, bows, lace and zips.
  • Beautiful Betty the Weighted Cat – complete with removable tactile aprons, soft cosy fur and offering a weighted sensation for placing on your lap.
  • Tactile Cushion – Choose between dotty tea party or fun at the fairground. Cushions are equipped with ribbons, buckles, felt and more.
  • Tactile Armrest – Lots of different tactile textures to explore while relaxing on an arm chair / sofa


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