Portable Sensory Boxes

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Our Portable Sensory Boxes are designed for durable usage as they can be carried from room to room or loaned out in a ‘Sensory Library’



All boxes measure 60 x 60cm and come with a carry handle, protective corners and internal light source.

Our range includes:

Infinity Boxes- created by our design team, the infinity box is produced with fibre optics and the clever use of mirrors to create a floating, never ending stream of fibre flowers in the middle of the box. This floating flower is surrounded by an infinite amount of colour changing fibres. A fascinating sensory item.

Sparkle Curtain Boxes- Rows of sparkling colour changing strands set above a tough perspex mirror so you can see your own reflection while you play with the fibres. Very tactile and soothing.

Fiesta Boxes- Ideal for visual stimulation and relaxation, the fiesta box is a unique concept to Total Sensory, watch the fibre flowers change and merge through the various colours. Front of box is covered with a clear perspex top. This effect is also available in a tube version.

Our range includes passive and interactive versions. Passive means the boxes simply scroll through a calming colour change all by themselves. Interactive boxes however, come with a wireless switch box that is charged through the mains and operate the colour change via switches. If no switch is pressed for a set time period, the box reverts back to a passive mode.

The carpet switches can only be added to the interactive versions- the carpet switches plug into the jack sockets on the side of the¬†coloured switch box to operate the sensory box via pressure activated pads that you jump on or push your hand on to change the unit’s colour.

If needed, the boxes can be secured back to the wall.

We can also incorporate a ‘trio’ of 3 sensory boxes into a padded wall, please contact us for more information.

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Portable Sensory Boxes

Passive Portable Sparkle Curtain Box, Interactive Curtain Box with Wireless Switch Box, Passive Portable Infinity Box, Interactive Infinity Box with Wireless Switch Box, Passive Portable Fiesta Box, Interactive Fiesta Box with Wireless Switch Box, Set of 5 Carpet Switches


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