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Pea Pod

£299.00 ex VAT

Like peas in a pod, kids will love the deep pressure snuggle factor these inflatables provide. Designed by a therapist, the durable super strength vinyl us the key to its durability and deep pressure capabilities, while the flocked surface makes it soft to the touch and very comfortable.


Perfect for calming and defining spacial boundaries.

Ideas for use:

  • Most children should be able to crawl in and adjust the pea pod around them for that cocooning calm feeling. Watch TV, or read a book in your own safe space.
  • Define spacial boundaries with the pea pod- for those who need extra help keeping their place on the floor, or those who dislike other children invading their ‘personal space.’
  • For rhythmic rocking- durable side handles make it easy for a therapist or parent to rock gently side to side.
  • For added sensory stimulation, once the child is in the pea pod and snuggled down, add plastic ball pool balls, or other sensory textures to surround them.

Please note: Pea pods are made of super strength vinyl with triple welded seam for added strength. However, they are not puncture proof, so avoid contact with sharp objects. Flocked surface is washable. Children should not be left unattended while using the pea pod. Recommended for ages 4+

Dimensions: 60 inches (152.4cm)


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