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Light and Music Touch Panel
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Light and Music Panel

£1,195.00 ex VAT

This is a sound-color panel intended for use by people with visual impairments or limited mobility, and it can also be used as a game element. Depending on the selected mode, 36 (or 9) light display modules are activated in response to sound or music volume.


The panel can be used in therapy, it encourages vocalization, enhances visual attention, and helps to understand causation. The panel uses exclusively LED lighting, which does not generate additional heat and does not require lamp changes. It can be used by people of different ages.

Music can be recorded independently using a memory card; the volume of music playback is additionally adjusted.

Material: extruded acrylic, laminated chipboard thickness, PVC, metal fasteners.

Size: mm: 1060x620x121.

Size in the packed kind: mm: 1100660150.

Weight, kg: net18.0; gross20.0.

Power supply: from the alternating current network.

Rated voltage: 220 V.

Rated current frequency: 50 Hz.

Power: 60 W.

Equipment: panel-1 pc; microphone1 pc, memory card2 pcs., fastening (dowel d = 6mm; h = 80mm) -2 pcs.

Age: 3+.


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