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Interactive Infinity Panel

£820.00 ex VAT

The interactive infinity panel is controlled by two buttons which change the twinkling color and mode. This panel is beneficial for people with vision and hearing impairments, it helps develop spatial and tactile perception. It can easily be attached to a wall and change any room to a calming environment.


Can be used for visual stimulation in any setting.  Great to be used as a background calming tool for children or adults who struggle with sensory processing disorders, intellectual disabilities, behavioral problems, anxiety, and depression.

Children or adults can observe changes in patterns, the shimmering of different colors, etc. It can help regulate the psycho-emotional state of the children or adults with difficulty in emotional regulation. Additionally, the light panel can act as an additional tool for stimulating the development of the child’s speech.

Size: (H x W x D) 1060mm x 620mm x121

Material: extruded acrylic, laminated chipboard thickness, PVC, metal fasteners

Weight: 30kg

Power Source: Plug in

Complete set: panel – 1 piece; metal fasteners


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