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Interactive Aroma Panel

£395.00 ex VAT

New interactive aroma panel! This product has been designed to create aromatic compositions. Each of the 4 buttons represents a particular scent. By pressing a button, the child can fill the room with the scent they like most of all.


Aroma panel acts as a tool for working with children, primarily in the sensory room. With the help of the influence of essential oils, a soft correction of the psycho-emotional sphere of the child, improvement of working capacity and mood, a general decrease in irritability, outbreaks of anger, sleep disorders, calming and strengthening of the central nervous system.

In general, the use of the aroma panel is an auxiliary tool for psycho-correctional work with the child, that is, to create an atmosphere and Enter into the process of therapeutic work, as well as an effective tool when working in a dark and bright sensory room (sensory integration room).

Material: chipboard, extruded acrylic, LED strip, ABS edge.

Colour: front panel – white, body – green, edge – green, handle and buttons- silver.

Size: mm: 740x140x400.

Size in the packed kind: mm: 640150400.

Weight: kg: net – 6, gross – 7.

Power supply: from the alternating current network.

Rated voltage: 220 V.

Rated current frequency: 50 Hz.

Power: 36 W.


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